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When you call A1 Driving School, you can trust us to help you secure your license in no time at all, regardless of your perceived skill as a driver. Read below for regular tips and advice to help keep you safe on the road!

How do the driving tests work? 

Restricted and Full License tests are standardised tests with little room for variation by the tester. The format is that each candidate who sits the test goes through the same test and the only variable is the amount of traffic.

How do driving tests work?

The tester is not trying to fail the applicant or cause them to do anything they would not ordinarily do in their driving. The tester marks each action and maneuver on the criteria of: 
          • Does it work
          • Does it comply with the road rules
          • Does it affect other drivers
          Minor errors will be marked as a point off, more significant errors are marked as Critical Errors –generally road rule violations – only 2 allowed. Terminating Errors are dangerous actions and result in immediate failure.

          How does someone usually fail their driving test?

          Common ways of failing include:
          • Not stopping at a stop sign
          • Not slowing to 30kph at a temporary road sign
          • Vehicle having defects such as a brake light out, or no registration or WoF
          • Causing another driver to react by swerving, braking or beeping the horn or flashing headlights 
          Find out more about the rules and regulations concerning driving tests when you call the team at A1 Driving School today! 

          Are you a nervous driver?

          From time to time, I do lessons with very nervous drivers. Because of this anxiety, progress may initially be slow. There may be anxiety because of pressure to get the license. Whatever the case may be, we are committed to helping nervous drivers get their license and gain independence while on the road. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you overcome your nerves while on the road and pass your driving test.

          How do we help nervous drivers?

          In cases of nervous / anxious drivers, I find the best approach is to work initially on gaining confidence on the basics – starting, stopping and turning in quiet areas. I feel instruction is best on a road, but going to an off-road area such as an empty car park may work for these basic maneuvers. I stress that I can control the vehicle by using an auxiliary brake or clutch and brake from the left hand side. Being able to control the vehicle allows the student to try things while recognising they are not alone in controlling the vehicle. 

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